California Group Health Insurance

California Group Health Insurance is a great way to keep and reward valued employees by providing them with much needed protection for their families. JC Lewis Insurance Services offers a variety of affordable and flexible options that allow small companies (between 2-50 employees) to choose different plan portfolios and employer contribution options. To be eligible for California group health insurance, employers must consider the following:

Employer Contributions

  • While employers are required to pay a portion of their employee’s premium, we offer contribution options as low as 25%. Depending on the carrier, you may choose between fixed dollar or percentage contributions. We offer flat dollar contributions as low as $50 monthly per employee.
  • Employer contributions can be 100% tax deductible on your state and federal income taxes.

Employee Participation

Generally, 75% of eligible full-time employees must participate in the program with a minimum of two employees participating. However, employees considered eligible waivers are not included when calculating the employee participation percentage.

  • Eligible waivers include employees with Medicare, military benefits, or those covered by a spouse’ group plan or parent’s employer sponsored group plan.
  • JC Lewis Insurance offers plans with as little as 60% employee participation requirements.

Our California group health insurance carriers include Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, Aetna, and Health Net. Depending on the carrier, you may be required to provide us with a copy of the following:

  • DE-9C or quarterly tax a wage statement from the previous calendar quarter
  • Fictitious business license or statement of information
  • The most recent 60 days of payroll register for newly hired employees
  • The most recent prior carrier health insurance bill listing the names of subscribers
  • Proof of prior coverage including ID cards or acceptance letters from the carrier

Each small business is unique and may require information in addition to what has been listed above. You can quote your small business here to get an idea of the plans and rates available. It is highly recommended you give us a call so we can assist in helping you find the right coverage for your particular needs. There is no charge for our services. Call us today at (866)-745-9555.