Choose The Right Dental Plan For You (PPO vs. HMO)

What type of dental insurance plan is right for me, PPO or HMO?

If you need major dental services immediately and don’t have a California dental insurance plan, chances are you want an HMO plan. Major dental services are things like braces (orthodontics), tooth extractions, root canals, crowns, and sometimes fillings. HMO dental plans typically have little or no waiting periods. Without a wait for major services you may enroll in the plan and have coverage for major services on the day of your effective date. If you have a tooth ache and don’t have a dental plan it’s a good idea to get enrolled in an HMO plan right away. Sometimes it may take up to a week to process you dental application, so don’t hesitate to send your application to JC Lewis Insurance Services two weeks before your requested effective date! Make sure that you search for providers in your area before enrolling in any HMO dental plan. There is a limited network of providers that accept HMO dental insurance.

A PPO dental insurance plan is great for anyone looking to have dental coverage for preventive and diagnostic services. Preventive and diagnostic services include oral exams, routine cleanings, full mouth x-rays, etc. A PPO dental plan does have good coverage for basic and major services but they come with waiting periods. They’re generally six months for basic and twelve months for major services. You have to be enrolled in the plan for six to twelve months before you get any coverage for these types of services.

PPO dental plans have a much larger network dentists then HMO. A key point to consider with a PPO delta plan is “is my dentist a network member.” You can search for providers in your area before applying to determine which plan is the right fit for you or your family.