California Medicare Supplement

California Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) can help you pay for some of the costs not covered by original Medicare. Coverage includes co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles as well as medical care when you travel outside of the United States. You’re required to pay a premium for a Medigap policy in addition to your Medicare Part B premium. Private insurance companies are required to offer standardized benefits for each Medicare Supplement policy, the only difference is the premium.

You must have Medicare parts A and B to purchase a Medigap policy. The open enrollment period for Medigap insurance begins on the first day that you’re 65 and enrolled in Medicare part B. It lasts for 6 months and is a guarantee issue period that doesn’t require health underwriting. Medigap insurance doesn’t include prescription drug coverage but you can enroll in Medicare Part D separately to cover medications. Insurance companies may charge different premiums for the exact same Medicare Supplement plan. Call JC Lewis Insurance Services at 866-745-9555 if you would like assistance in comparing the different California Medicare Supplement Insurance plans.